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Life after life
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Atkinson, Kate - Atkinson, Kate

Life after life

London : Black Swan, 2014

Abstract: This is the winner of the costa novel award. What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right? During a snowstorm in England in 1910, a baby is born and dies before she can take her first breath. During a snowstorm in England in 1910, the same baby is born and lives to tell the tale. What if there were second chances? And third chances? In fact an infinite number of chances to live your life? Would you eventually be able to save the world from its own inevitable destiny? And would you even want to? Life After Life follows Ursula Todd as she lives through the turbulent events of the last century again and again. With wit and compassion, Kate Atkinson finds warmth even in life's bleakest moments, and shows an extraordinary ability to evoke the past. Here she is at her most profound and inventive, in a novel that celebrates the best and worst of ourselves.

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Just like "Sliding Doors", but in novel form. A bit difficult and confusing at first to get into the conceit of the story, with dates suddenly overlapping without warning, rebirth after rebirth following "darkness", each time allowing our heroine to unknowingly repair sad mistakes or tragedies from the past. A very engaging read, especially for the very witty repartee and zingy one-liners to be found on practically every page. Believable characters and and well-researched historically, too.

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